Travel Boat is a wanderer with a distinct style, unique in its own way. It wants to provide the best travel experience when you are on the lookout for the unexplored and still -to- be discovered destinations. This travel company's endeavor is to fill you with choices that span the world.

Be it a romantic getaway, wildlife safari or a water holiday — there is always something we can do for you. Don’t forget to snatch options for an ultimate wellness retreat experience, a hill vacation or simply to rejuvenate at an exotic location. We guide you —Right from choosing your ideal holiday location to suggesting the best of itineraries. Our expertise lies in taking you to places where something magical can happen. Where a plethora of enjoyment options flood your senses and make you a learned traveller, as well.

Travel Boat’s bouquet of products and services aims to cater to every segment. Whether you would like to luxuriate in the lap of nature, or engage in water sports in the irresistible, and crystal clear beaches, just let us know your wishlist and we will make it happen for you.

" About 2.6 billion people in developing countries face di culties accessing electricity, while about 800 million lack access to water. In many African countries, these infrastructure constraints reduce productivity by 40%. "

— Carlton Sparks, Executive Officer


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With an adaptive green approach, Uncode Corporation transformed one of America’s oldest market into energy. We are a production company with love for sustainability and save energeticas.

Uncode Corporation partners with vendors all around the world and cities to build and operate local greenhouses that cut time, distance, and costs in the market supply chain. Today, the global economy generates 85% more economic value.

Our external advisory board, this year consisting of 24 experts from 20 leading global research organiza- tions, plays a crucial role in assisting us in vetting solutions to ensure that our ve evaluation criteria are upheld. By us- ing a self-contained water heat pump, Energy takes unused thermal energy from existing air-conditioning systems and transfers it to the boilers’ circuit. This new and efficient thermal energy can then be used in showers, pools, and kitchens.

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